Clara Dress


The Clara dress is with its soft touch and breathable fabric very easy to wear and perfect for those hot summer days. It has a a lovely ruffled collar around the neckline hold together with an elasticated band. The midi-long puffed sleeves are ruffed together with a herringbone tape stitched waistband around the cuffs. It will allow you to mix and match it with everything, wear it loose or tighten it up around the waist (herringbone tapes*).

* the herringbone tapes are stitched together to ensure the safety rules. You can open them with a little scissors carefully before using the article.

Material & Care: 100% organic cotton muslin. Machine wash at 30°C. Cotton peeling happens and is not a quality defect.

Each piece has gone through a special washing with our unique LiiLU scent. Allergic friendly, tested.

Detail & Fit: loose fit, generous in size, adjustable around the waist. Size Chart (approximate measurements)

AGE LENGTH (front) CHEST (front)
2y ~ 62.00cm ~ 40.00cm
4y ~ 68.50cm ~ 43.00cm
6y ~ 75.00cm ~ 46.50cm
8y ~ 85.50cm ~ 50.00cm
10y ~ 94.00cm ~ 54.00cm
12y ~ 102.00cm ~ 58.00cm

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