Meet Esther, the warm hearted woman behind the lens and
mother of twin girls and a baby boy with downsyndrome.
She shares her view of life and family living in the alps on her beautiful Instagram account "our life in the alps" paired with stunning, meaningful photos. We are so happy that we got to meet her and to talk with her about "motherhood".

About Esther

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Openhearted, sensitive and vulnerable. I have a heart for the marginalized people in our society,
I love honest and deeper conversations with people and I can’t stand superficiality.


What describes your current state of mind?
Even though I strive for the slow and peaceful life here on the countryside in the bavarian alps, restlessness and some sort of positive anger are my currant state of mind that create that needed change and give me ideas, way too many ideas….of how inclusion can not just be a trend word but needs to be lived (says the mother of a son with downsyndrome).


Do you feel introverted or extroverted?
I am an extrovert and sometimes I feel introverted.


What little things make you happy?
Oh there are many little things that make me happy…like seeing my daughters play all day long having so much fantasy and creativity, how they love and adore their little special needed brother so so much, the pure love that comes from my son that he spreads so naturally and with no limit, the mountains and nature that surround us make me so so happy every day and each season there are so many little surprises that put a smile on my face or the sound of the horses on the field across our house as I type this, the crickets I hear every day on this warm summer days….yes I guess the little wonders of nature and creation and the little wonders of childhood like the little almost unseen interactions or the almost overheard conversations/dialogs or soliloquises of my children fulfill me and make me happy.  


What do you fear the most?
I guess one big fear of mine is the rejection and exclusion of my son from ignorant people because of his difference and extra chromosome….societies attitude develops into that and the statistics of abortions for those wonderful people just proof it, unfortunately.  


When do you feel the most motivated?
I’m most motivated when being in my element and in balance. When being out in nature or in the mountains with my beloved family, I often find excactly these two and then I often feel like I can move mountains.
What are your guiding values?
I guess guiding values in life or in motherhood or in my work are love, passion, vulnerability, faith, authenticity, transparency, honesty, forgiveness, grace,…

What does it mean to have a good life?
To be loved and to love I think is so important for having a good life.to feel joy and happiness in the small things and the things that are given to us even though life circumstances might be hard or even unfair, means I am able to have a fulfilled life.


To me the highest form of love is unconditional love that doesn’t expect, but that just gives freely and that is connected with a deep and true acceptance and faithfulness that knows no end…no matter how much that person changes. its a love that loves without but’s….its a heavenly godly love that knows no boundaries and no end.

What in life is beautiful to you?
Whatever touches my heart and my soul is beauty to me. Whatever moves me and makes me see the wonder of life. I often see beauty in the broken, the fragility, yes even the sad because deep down underneath the layers I already see beauty. Beauty that is often hidden for those who are blind with the heart.


What are you the most passionate about?
I guess I’m most passionate about my beautiful children, my husband, my family. The people I love. And I guess I didn’t study to become a socialworker and a systemic body-psychotherapist if I wouldn’t have been passionate about the marginalized people, about social injustice…about seeing people become whole and healed, walking and living in their destiny and purpose. Well and I guess and I have a big passion for being out in nature where I feel most alive.


About Motherhood

What motivates you in life and what keeps you inspired?
Sources of keeping me inspired are definitely being with my children, seeing them growing up, watching them being astonished and amazed by the little things in life…oh how they are my inspiration. Another big inspiration source is nature itself. It always inspires me on different levels. And as i am a person that loves precious encounters and conversations with others, its definitely people…to seek beauty and to find it in hidden places or moments, has also become a source or way of finding inspiration.


The personal meaning of motherhood
Motherhood to me has become an extension/enhancement of myself...
It has made me as a person more complete and allows me to grow in so many ways. Since I started my motherhood journey, it started to change me as a person, confronted me with the sides of myself I never really had to or wanted to look at, because my kids are a my constant mirror. Motherhood might be the hardest thing in life, but at the same time it's definitly the greatest gift. Being a mother of 3 with a child with special needs of downsyndrome, I feel and experience everything even.


Photography: Esther, @ourlifeinthealps

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